Saturday 23 October 2021


With the current media-driven hysteria surrounding coronavirus it was inevitable that the virus would feature prominently in this week's edition of Question Time.  With Glasgow hosting the show, it was Scottish politicians trying to outdo each other on who would manage the 'crisis' best.  The SNP's Kate Forbes defended her government's approach, while Tory MP Andrew Bowie defended his government's approach.  This left the hapless Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar to formulate something different.

He didn't disappoint in that regard.  Having begun to waffle he was interrupted by host Fiona Bruce and then came up with something that is on a par with the tyranny currently being meted out to citizens of other Western nations - if not, then surpassing it.

Sarwar suggested that unvaccinated Brits should be confronted on their own doorsteps.  He called it 'door to door vaccination', but did not say whether such a course of action would involve force.

Click below to see the dramatic moment.

The most worrying thing about Sarwar's bombshell is that no-one bats an eyelid and Fiona Bruce does not even pick him up on it, therefore normalising his remark.  Are there no depths to which our new dystopian societies won't stoop?  Perhaps that is not a question we should be asking.

Despite the on-air bickering, it was all smiles back stage in this selfie that Sarwar
posted to his Twitter account - that is, except for Brian Cox, the actor and
separatist who is never happy unless he's moaning about something

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