Sunday 24 October 2021


Keir Starmer's colleagues appear to be leaving him behind when it comes to Labour support for the 'Plan B' scenario.  What started earlier in the week as a few backbenchers calling for more restrictions has now spread to Labour's front bench.  On Thursday the shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth declared that Labour 'are in favour of Plan B'.  However, this was later contradicted by Starmer who said Plan B was 'the wrong focus'.  A Labour spokesperson confirmed Starmer's view by saying that the focus should be on 'making Plan A work'.

It appears that whatever Starmer's reservations are about Plan B, his front bench colleagues don't share them.  His shadow chancellor told Andrew Marr on Sunday morning that Labour were in favour of Plan B and they 'were relaxed about that'.  Well, clearly your leader isn't.

Click below for the clip.

Starmer knows that Plan B - in particular domestic vax passes - is a very divisive and controversial issue.  That is why he is squirming about it.  We suspect that when it comes to a Commons vote, his party will support the measures anyway.