Sunday 10 October 2021


Remainers are in no doubt whatsoever.  Whether it be the media-sponsored petrol crisis, Europe-wide rising gas prices or supply chain issues - Brexit is solely to blame.  Facts don't seem to matter to these people.

For months they have complained of 'food shortages', occasionally sharing a photograph of some empty shelves on their social media accounts.  One such photo recently shared on Twitter carries a desperate message that the supermarket had run out of pasta.  Oh, the horror.  However, we have found the same image in other posts too, and they carry exactly the same message - word for word.

Bartmann's tweet was shared more than 600 times on Twitter, but it is not clear if the photograph is actually his, or when it was actually taken.  Two days later another user took the same photo and attached the exact same message, despite the fact that her Twitter profile states that she lives in Manchester!

Later that same day the tweet popped up again, this time from an account using the name of failed Remain party Change UK.

A day later the photo surfaced yet again thanks to a parody account that takes delight in mocking Remainers.  At least the Brexiteer bothered to change the wording slightly.

As it turns out there really is a shortage of pasta, but it is neither unique to Britain nor has any roots in Brexit.  A poor harvest of durum, caused by dry weather in Canada and Europe, is behind the shortage and rising prices.  In short, absolutely nothing to do with Brexit.