Saturday 2 October 2021


Angela Rayner clearly let herself go at the Labour conference, but her sparring partners on the karaoke were perhaps anything but random.  First up Rayner paired up with Jonathon Ashworth for a not-so-subtle "You're The One That I Want".  Ashworth is a renowned snake who was caught lambasting Jeremy Corbyn before voters even went to the polls in the 2019 general election.  The sight of him and Rayner pointing at each other as they sang the chorus would have certainly raised an eyebrow at Starmer HQ.

However, it was the next pairing that would have rattled Starmer's robotic cage more than anything.  Rayner and Burnham - arguably the two most ambitious pretenders to Sir Squeaky's crown - combined for a rendition of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)".  If there was a deeper meaning to those lyrics then perhaps it could indicate that Burnham would be the man who falls down at her door, but only in return for a safe Labour seat so that he could be back in contention for a future leadership punt himself.

Click below for a brief, but painful excerpt of Rayner and Burnham in action...

If you're wondering who the third wheel is during this performance, it's the Daily Mirror's political editor Pippa Crerar.  Crerar is something of an opportunistic turncoat in herself, having become a tubthumper for Starmer's leadership it wasn't so long ago that she was happy to embrace the outright communism of his predecessor...

Pippa Crerar with Jeremy Corbyn