Thursday 14 October 2021


Sadiq Khan has cancelled London's New Year's Eve fireworks display for the second year in a row, citing 'Covid uncertainty'.  However, just 24 hours after this announcement Khan tweeted that Diwali celebrations would go ahead later this month.

The lack of consistency here is astonishing.  No-one is begrudging Hindus their annual bash, but why is it 'safe' for one outdoor event to take place and not another?  In any case, as these are both outdoor events there is surely little threat from a virus that we have been consistently told thrives in enclosed spaces.

Additionally, if Khan is genuinely troubled by mass outdoor gatherings then why did he not voice concerns over previous mass gatherings during this pandemic?  What makes BLM and XR protesters more immune to Covid than New Year's revellers, the overwhelming majority of which will have received vaccines that were not available earlier in the pandemic?

The proximity of the two contradictory announcements smacks of arrogance and a lack of empathy, two attributes that go hand in hand with Khan the narcissist.