Thursday 10 January 2019


A former Labour councillor who left the party after an anti-Semitism scandal is to receive a prison sentence for assault, burglary and theft.  Damien Enticott, now an independent councillor in Bognor Regis, appeared in court yesterday via videolink from prison.  He admitted the three charges, principally that he assaulted a female pub manager and later broke into the same pub and stole £2,700.  Cllr Enticott reportedly has previous convictions, but these were not read out in court.

Enticott resigned from the Labour Party last year after his social media posts were exposed in the press.  Among many anti-Semitic posts were the following particularly distasteful remarks.

- "Hitler would have had a solution to the Israel problem"
- "All Talmuds need executing"
- "That scumbag Tony Blair wants to establish laws of antisemitism throughout Europe.  [He] should be gassed as should they!"
- "Terresa [sic] May is the only Nazi who couldn't get the trains to run on time"

Enticott initially claimed his accounts had been hacked, but later admitted he'd posted the comments and said he "stood by them".

Cllr Enticott stands by his views

Meanwhile, a controversial Labour AM in Wales has been readmitted to the party, having previously been suspended for alleged anti-Semitic remarks.  Jenny Rathbone described a Cardiff synagogue as a 'fortress' and suggested that worshippers' security concerns were imaginary.  Rathbone is understood to be close to the new First Minister and Corbyn worshipper Mark Drakeford.

Dear Jeremy Corbyn, why are such negative attitudes towards Jews so prevalent in today's Labour Party?