Monday 21 June 2021


Coronavirus restrictions are a socialists' wet dream.  Little surprise then to see our national leaders clinging so desperately to them, including Nicola Sturgeon.  While she longs to separate our island permanently, she has at least acknowledged the importance of tourism from England after ending travel restrictions from England in April.  However, she has recently begun re-implementing travel bans from parts of England where the Indian variant is circulating (now known in the mainstream media by its politically correct term the 'Delta variant').

Last month she banned travel to and from the towns of Bedford, Blackburn, Bolton and Darwen.  On Friday she announced that an identical ban would be put in place for Manchester and Salford from today.  This was apparently news to the mayor for Greater Manchester, who took to Twitter to voice his disapproval.

Andy Burnham repeated some of these views in an appearance on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.  He made some valid points about Sturgeon's 'double standards' and also decried what possible threat a 'double-jabbed couple from Salford' could do on a hiking holiday north of the border.  Indeed, but these are the times Andy, and your party has done nothing to oppose totalitarian measures at Westminster while your colleague Mark Drakeford has implemented his own rules in Wales.

Andy Burnham is no libertarian.  If he is, then he's in the wrong party.