Saturday 15 January 2022


Earlier this week Gina Miller became the latest remoaner to launch a political party.  Gina's 'True & Fair' party follows in the footsteps of other Remain failures such as the now defunct Change UK and hapless Rejoin EU Party (which only has two policies).  As an increasing number of Remain voters choose to get on with their lives and accept UK independence, enthusiasm for rejoining the EU fades.  It is only rabid EU fanatics such as Miller and Labour's Lord Adonis who persist with fantasies about rejoining the bloc.

As a prime example of how detached from reality they are, earlier this week Adonis tweeted: "If Boris goes, Brexit goes".  Those who have followed the musings of the loony lord in recent years won't be surprised by that outlandish tweet.

Gina Miller made a name for herself in the aftermath of the Leave mandate, but she is now nothing more than a broken record, an establishment fad that passed.  Hence the total embarrassment of her party launch - just 13 people turned up.  Journalist Noa Hoffman covered the launch in a hilarious Twitter thread, which included a video of the sparse reception (see below).

Hoffman reports that Gina's press conference ended after just three questions from the assembled journalists, but at least they all got a free mug and a baseball cap.  Miller clearly overestimated her pulling power, but the reality is that her Brexit-blocking antics are now but a distant memory.  She may have hoped to capitalise on public disillusionment with establishment politics, but this privately-educated globalist millionaire just about epitomises the establishment.

Oh, and one more thing Gina.  'Our democracy' does not include the Irish Republic.  Your website should at least get the basics right.