Sunday 30 January 2022


The red flags of the Communist Party of Britain were among the banners on display in Telford on Saturday as Antifa marched against the presence of Tommy Robinson.  Robinson was in Telford to premiere his documentary 'The Rape of Britain', which exposes Muslim grooming gangs at large in the Shropshire town.  By marching against Robinson in these circumstances, the far left have by proxy allied themselves with these disgusting rape gangs.  Left-wing historian Dr Louise Raw even told the crowd that grooming gangs were 'not a Muslim problem'.

Much of the chants that went up from the protesters revolved around refugees, which had little if anything to do with Robinson's message.  They also chanted "We are Telford" and "Our streets", as if to imply they were local people opposed to an outsider who had strayed into 'their town'.  However, as can clearly be seen from various banners on display, it was very much the left that had parachuted themselves in.  Large 'Stand Up To Racism' banners from Birmingham and the Black Country, alongside others from Coventry, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley, suggested that the bulk of the protest had travelled up to 50 miles away from the West Midlands.

In a desperate attempt to smear their opponents the Antifa group tweeted a photo of a man it claimed was making a 'Nazi salute'.  His palm is facing towards his body in a motion more reminiscent of the royal wave and judging by the overwhelming majority of the comments on this tweet, it seems that even Antifa's supporters were not convinced by the ridiculous assertion.

Of course it goes without saying that the far left rabble were overwhelmingly white middle class misfits and despite being outdoors many of them were still wearing face masks.

Couldn't smash his way out of a paper bag

Robinson's documentary exposing the Telford grooming gang can be seen here.

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