Sunday 9 January 2022


Concerns continue to grow that Keith Vaz is plotting a return to the Commons in place of the disgraced Claudia Webbe.  Vaz was seen on the campaign trail for a forthcoming council by-election on Saturday (see tweet below, in which Vaz can be seen out front alongside the Labour candidate).  Note the stunning lack of diversity in Labour's campaign team!

At the moment there is no vacancy for Webbe's seat.  A by-election in Leicester East rests on the outcome of her appeal against her harassment conviction, set for March 9.  Even if she loses that appeal, she still has an outside chance of retaining the seat if the resultant recall petition fails to gather enough signatures to kick her out.  However, if Jim the washing machine salesman has his eyes on his former seat, make no mistake that petition will succeed!

While Labour's Asian crew all looked very happy with themselves in the above photo, a disgruntled local can be seen in the background sending an altogether different message...