Monday 17 January 2022


It's fair to say that the Reclaim Party have got off to a slow start.  They've spent thousands on election deposits and lost every penny.  How long it will be before Laurence Fox bores of his new career is anyone's guess, but one thing is for sure - he will not fail to entertain along the way.  Here is a man who does not take himself seriously, which is perhaps a view shared by the electorate - albeit such an attribute did not stop the current Prime Minister from reaching the very top.

In his latest video Fox counts down his top ten 'Covid hypocrites' ie. the establishment figures and organisations that have contradicted their own medicine.  It's not all frivolity from Fox here, there is a very serious message about the hapless restrictions.  Click below for the full four minute and 45 second masterclass...

Fox and his deputy Martin Daubney (ex-Brexit Party MEP) are worth a follow on Twitter.  In an age of mass psychosis and tyranny it is essential that we rally around voices who speak up for freedom - whether that be Tory backbenchers, irreverent former actors or libertarian GB News presenters.  We are in this together and together we are always stronger.

To recap, here's Fox's list of Covid hypocrites in full.

10. Nicola Sturgeon
9.  Mark Drakeford
8.  Sadiq Khan
7.  Zarah Sultana
6.  Journalists
5.  Gary Lineker
4.  Keir Starmer
3.  Matt Hancock
2.  Dancing Tik Tok 'Heroes'
1.  Boris Johnson