Tuesday 18 January 2022


A 360,000 name petition was handed in to Downing Street on Monday against vaccine passports and vaccine mandates.  The Together declaration was delivered to Number Ten by a delegation that included Tory backbencher Steve Baker (see above picture).  Also present were the Together chair Alan Miller (centre), alongside campaigners Adam Brooks, Tonia Buxton and Richard Taylor - all of whom have been seen on GB News recently, whereas the mainstream media have predictably ignored the story altogether.

The Together delegation were later joined by DUP MP Sammy Wilson, Reclaim's Laurence Fox and Dr Steve James, the NHS consultant who confronted Sajid Javid over the mandate that will see people like him lose their jobs.  While many Tory voters believe that the government will repeal the NHS mandate prior to April 1, the NHS confirmed yesterday that it will begin sacking tens of thousands of workers in just two weeks time.  So much for a pandemic that is threatening to 'overwhelm' the NHS!

Alan Miller spoke to supporters briefly outside Downing Street (see video below) and bemoaned the lack of support from trade unions such as Unite and Unison, who have drawn a collective deaf 'un despite the rampant discrimination that is threatening the livelihoods of thousands of NHS staff.  Also disgracefully ignoring the plight of NHS workers is Starmer and his MPs, most of whom voted for the mandate.

While the BBC, Sky News and the rest of the Covid narrative media ignored the declaration, Dan Wootton and Tonia Buxton covered the story on GB News.  Click below for the clip.

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