Saturday 29 January 2022


This week's monologue from the Coast Guy revolves around a letter he received from a woman who has attempted to extract her family from the vaccine tyranny that has gripped the West.  The brave unnamed woman wrote: "Nothing stays the same, but there are to be found some absolute truths that are worth standing and fighting for".  Indeed.

Neil confesses that he too considered an escape for he and his family, but the globalised nature of the beast made it all too impossible.  Where to, if everywhere else is afflicted by the same madness?

Our Scottish hero then appears to take a bizarre diversion into tales of space exploration, but he somehow brings it back around neatly to the fight for liberty - specifically the Canadian truckers who have driven the Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau into hiding.

Click below for the full nine minute and 29 second piece in all its glory.