Thursday 25 February 2021


Video footage of London's latest murder has been circulating on social media.  16-year-old Drekwon Patterson was stabbed to death in Brent last week, reportedly the capital's fifteenth murder this year.

Murder victims in London are disproportionately from the black community, as are murderers themselves.  In 2018 it was reported that almost half of murder victims and murder suspects in the capital were black, despite black people accounting for just 13 per cent of the population.

So naturally we can assume that the Black Lives Matter organisation has been out on the streets protesting about this.  Wait, no?  Not even a tweet?

There's nothing about Drekwon's murder on the BLM Twitter account.  In fact there's little about any murders carried out in the black community.  Likewise, there is a complete absence of BLM discussion about the black-on-black murder epidemic that continues to blight American cities such as Chicago.  They had nothing to say about the murder of retired police captain David Dorn either, who was killed by looters during the George Floyd riots (sorry, 'peaceful protests').

The only death that appears to have captured the attention of the UK BLM chapter recently is that of Moyied Bashir, a man who died after police were called to his home in Newport.  BLM noted that he was the second young black man to die following 'police contact' in Wales this year.  Mohamud Mohammed Hasan died last month, leading to a BLM protest outside a police station in Cardiff that resulted in missiles being hurled at officers.  Further protests were held over the following days, including one which attracted up to 150 people.  No arrests were made.  Contrast this with the anti-lockdown protests, at which even elderly and disabled demonstrators have been bundled into the back of meat wagons.

As if we didn't know already, BLM don't actually care about black people.  If they did, then they would speak out about the hundreds of black-on-black murders that blight cities like London and Chicago.  They would be asking serious questions about the social issues that lead so many black kids into gangs, instead of finger-pointing and blaming 'white supremacy' for all these ills.

The only deaths that matter in the blinkered eyes of BLM are those which can help it advance the Marxist revolution.  Therefore, instead of focusing on the overwhelming majority of deaths, they home in on the very small fraction of deaths that occur at the hands of the police.  After-all, it is the police who are enemy number one in their minds.  It is the police who stand between them and their Marxist revolution.