Tuesday 23 February 2021


When the news broke today it's fair to say that even we were flabbergasted.  The flu has not just largely disappeared - according to Public Health England it has been eradicated altogether.

There are two problems with this.  Asides from the implausibility of the statement, the reasons given for its disappearance open up a can of worms.  Dr Vanessa Saliba of PHE told The Independent"The decrease in flu cases this year is likely due to changes in our behaviour, such as social distancing, face coverings and handwashing, as well as the reduction in international travel".  This is problematic given that all those measures were brought in to combat coronavirus, and yet during what would normally be the flu season coronavirus has been out of control.  Hmm.  You see the problem?

While the second wave didn't quite live up to the dire predictions of SAGE, incorporating flu deaths has certainly helped prop up the pandemic and justify the lockdown.

The Independent fails to do its journalistic duty in probing the absurdity of their story, instead only promoting the contradictory reasons for it.  Still, at least they covered the story - broadcast media has completely blanked it.

The newspaper goes on to quote Prof Christina Pagel, of University College, London.  She suggested that face masks and other Covid-type restrictions could be implemented each winter in order to keep flu at bay: "I think it’s an unintended consequence of Covid that we’ve realised flu isn’t this unavoidable threat that we thought it was".  How convenient.

SAGE scientists have already warned that face masks could be required each winter to combat coronavirus, with one - Prof John Edmunds - suggesting that face masks and other restrictions could be in place 'forever'.

So if you're celebrating the end of lockdown and a 'return to normality' this summer, think again.  They will use Covid, flu and even climate change to demolish your freedom.