Saturday 20 February 2021


Lyle Taylor, the footballer who refuses to take the knee, has spoken out again against the Black Lives Matter movement.  Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari on Friday, the Forest striker quite rightly assessed that BLM were seeking to exploit racial tensions in order to achieve their Marxist aims.  He also asked why multi-national corporations were still plugging BLM in spite of all the violence and negative impact on race relations the organisation continues to sow.

Taylor's stance has not surprisingly resulted in abuse directed his way from BLM supporters.  The mixed-race Londoner says he has been called an 'Uncle Tom' and even a 'racist'.  However, he has been joined recently by another footballer who rejects the knee gesture.  Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha, who is black, says he finds it 'degrading' and will no longer participate.

Click below for Lyle Taylor's interview with Nick Ferrari.