Friday 5 February 2021


Keir Starmer returned to PMQs in person this week following his latest round of self-isolation.  Perhaps he should have stayed at home, because his excuse for appearing to lie at the despatch box would have made more sense.  After Boris pointed out that Starmer had wanted Britain to retain membership of the European Medicines Agency, the Labour leader replied it was 'complete nonsense' and he'd 'never said that, from this despatch box or anywhere else'.  That segment is set up to play below.

Unfortunately for Starmer, he had backed EMA membership - on multiple occasions  - something he was forced to admit later in humiliating fashion.  Watch below.

An additional statement from Starmer's office read: "On a number of occasions the Prime Minister has wrongly claimed that Labour wanted to join the EU’s vaccine programme.  That is inaccurate and the claim has been found to be untrue.  This afternoon during Prime Minister’s Questions, Keir misheard the Prime Minister and assumed he was making the same false accusation again".

Misheard?  This is highly irregular for a man deemed 'forensic' by so many of his supporters.

In other news Labour frontbencher Catherine West apologised earlier this week for referring to the government's decision to withdraw from the EU's vaccine programme as 'dumber and dumber'.  We all know that with Labour at the helm we would have not only have been enrolled in the EU vaccine scheme and the EMA, we would still be a member of the European Union!