Sunday 16 June 2019


An excellent interview by Sophy Ridge today with Labour Remainer Hilary Benn.  Presenting the same old tired arguments against a no deal Brexit and pushing for a second referendum (with the discredited Remain as an option, obviously), this guy heaps shame on the legacy of his own late father.  Tony Benn argued for democracy, but his son argues for the opposite.  If Hilary's motives are not purely driven by a desire to stop Brexit then why doesn't he promote a referendum that respects the first one ie. Deal or No Deal.  Remain lost in 2016, to argue for its inclusion is an affront to democracy.

Now let's hear a clip from Tony Benn, another prime example that shows that the act of Leaving the European Union is neither 'left or right' and that both sides of the political spectrum can unite behind one goal - Brexit.