Monday 3 June 2019


by Richey Edwards

As President Trump heads to the UK we face a media narrative that will be dictated by what happens out on the streets of London.  Protesters, able to gather in midweek as per usual, will embarrass our nation and undermine the special relationship.  These protests have been exploited by a Labour party dead set on destroying that special relationship and isolating Britain on the world stage.  A Corbyn-led government would turn us into a global pariah, directed by Moscow and under threat from nations that we once called allies.  It's a terrifying prospect.

Many of the ringleaders of this forthcoming demo will be from the hard left, but it is far from exclusive.  Little Owen has been desperately beating the protest drum for weeks, while his pal Clive Lewis has also jumped on the bandwagon in recent days.  Diane Abbott will reportedly address the crowds, but many others in attendance or sending their regards will be from the centre of the party, encouraged by the lure of Twitter brownie points, ignorant of the dire consequences that face our nation if comrade Corbyn and the loons get their way.

Thankfully, the losers on the march are a minority and the more they are seen on our screens and in our newspapers the more ordinary people will see that they do not in any way represent British people.  As if to highlight how decadent and disgusting they are, some of these foul-mouthed morons actually drag their children along too.  If the cameras zoom in long enough it may even work against Labour's prospects in Peterborough this Thursday.  If these idiots are worshiping Corbyn while Trump is heaping praise on Farage, it doesn't take a genius to work out how right-minded folk can hit Corbyn where it hurts - right in the ballots.

Er, social services anyone?

Of course the big elephant in the room for all these protesters and the Labour MPs claiming to speak for them is that Trump is not actually any of the things they claim him to be.  Is Trump a racist?  No, clearly not, it's absurd.  He has more black followers than there will be black people protesting him on Tuesday.  In fact you'll be hard pushed to see any black faces at the protests as, once again, it will be dominated by white middle-class virtue-signalling latte-sipping twats.  Where are these people when Erdogan or the Saudis visit?  Indeed.  The hypocrisy is staggering.

Secondly, is Trump really a fascist?  If the first question was outlandish, this one is just plain bonkers.  Sadiq Khan has likened him to 'fascists of the 20th century', but while Hitler sent people to the gas chambers, Trump has asked for money to build a wall to keep out illegals.  Good comparison Mr Mayor!  In any case, if Trump was truly a fascist surely by now he would be making moves to block the 2020 Presidential election and declare himself President for life?  And asides from having a public spat with CNN has he actually closed down any news outlets or had any journalists murdered?

This is the thing though.  All the claims that are coming from the likes of Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and Emily Thornberry have no basis in fact.  It's all grandiose name calling and supposition.  Will any journalists call it out?  All they have to do is ask for some actual evidence as opposed to vague waffle.  David Lammy was called out on his Trump-bashing by a caller on LBC Radio the other day and how did he respond to this difficult question?  He pulled the plug on the caller.  Why aren't journalists doing this?  They could have a field day exposing this charade.

Somehow, I doubt very much that the liberal London-centric white-bashing elite are going to ask any awkward questions any time soon.

A tale of two protests, in 2018 the dignified Trump supporter on the right was
mocked and abused by people supposedly protesting 'racism'