Tuesday 18 June 2019


Tom Watson's ultra-Remain speech yesterday predictably unleashed a fresh wave of Brexit infighting in the Labour Party.  Watching Labour MPs at each other's throats is particularly amusing given the fact they've spent years mocking the Tories for doing precisely the same.  John Mann and Ian Lavery led the fightback against Watson's crusade, although some questioned whether Tom's motives were more about undermining the Great Leader rather than overturning the Leave mandate.

Many Labour MPs in the north of England continue to resist calls for a second referendum, including Tom Watson's own partner - Barnsley East MP Stephanie Peacock.  Interestingly, the Wikipedia entries for this couple no longer list them as an item.  Brexit is clearly dividing Labour, but did it really split up this rather mismatched pair?  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, here's John Mann demolishing Tom Watson's stance on the BBC today.