Friday, 14 June 2019


So, the BBC began backpedalling on Jo Brand's acid 'joke' in under 24 hours.  They airbrushed it from the iPlayer and went from brazenly supporting it to regretting "any offence we have caused".  

That somewhat misses the point.  It was never about 'offending' people (with the exception of acid attack survivors), it was about normalising acts of political violence.  Some would go further and argue that it was incitement, indeed the Met police are investigating such a complaint.  Certainly if some spiteful and easily influenced leftie hears about acid often enough it could encourage them to turn what Jo Brand called a "fantasy" into reality.  Let's not forget this is not the first time a Labour supporter has suggested acid be used as a weapon against political opponents.

Comedian Alistair Williams interrupted his holiday to lend his thoughts on the controversy from his hotel room.

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