Sunday 16 June 2019


The slanging match between Donald Trump and Sadiq Khan reignited from out of nowhere today.  A tweet from Katie Hopkins somehow caught the attention of the President and he retweeted it along with a renewed attack on the under fire Khan.

These two squabbling children ought really to focus on their own issues.  Both of them have big elections coming up next year and these tirades do absolutely nothing to enhance their re-election efforts.  It confirms only that they are supremely arrogant and cocksure of victory.  That's a dangerous place to be, just ask Hillary Clinton.

Sadly, the useless Khan is likely to be around a while longer yet.  Despite his approval rating falling into negative figures recently, he was still miles ahead of his nearest rival in the most recent opinion poll.  The Conservative's Shaun Bailey has a lot of catching up to do if he is to stand a chance of toppling Khan next year, seeing as it appears that no matter how much crime spirals out of control the capital appears to prefer a 'stone cold loser'.

Clearly a lot will hinge on the 'B' word and at the moment Bailey is the only Brexiteer taking part in the contest.  If we Leave and the dire predictions of the Remainers prove false it could go in his favour.  However, at the moment most London voters are at odds with the rest of England in their vision for Brexit.  They don't want it to happen full stop.  If we haven't left the EU by May 2020 it's difficult to see how Shaun Bailey could successfully appeal in this Remain heartland.

Sure, there's a lot more to the next mayoral election than Brexit, but Khan's continuing inaction on crime and lack of ideas should have him trailing in polls - not leading them.  The only thing we know for certain is that whoever wins in 2020, the opinions of world leaders - no matter who they are - is going to have little bearing on the result.