Tuesday 4 June 2019


George Galloway and Sir Alan Sugar went to war on each other this morning in an almighty battle on Good Morning Britain.  Galloway conducted his usual virtue signalling to Muslim viewers, at one point snapping at Susanna Reid who dared to suggest that anti-Semitic attacks were on the rise.  "What about the Muslims who are being attacked" he ranted, missing the key fact that Jews are a tiny fraction of the British population and therefore more likely to be assaulted per capita.  What about the native population George?  Grooming gangs?  Shhhhh.

Alan Sugar did himself no favours in this exchange either, repeatedly telling Galloway to "Shut up", a sure sign that someone is either losing the argument or doesn't have one.  It takes a canny approach to successfully tackle Galloway on his favourite subject and the level-headed Piers Morgan was more adept at this than the thuggish Sugar.  If they were in the same studio one wonders whether these two old geezers would have come to blows...