Saturday 31 October 2020


Broadcast media has been very busy this week whipping up a frenzy over coronavirus, despite official figures showing that infections have barely moved in the last fortnight.  It appears that the news broadcasters will get what they want in the next week with most of the UK completely shut down, again.

The news is supposed to just report the news, hence the name, but times have changed in this world of 24/7 rolling coverage.  The mainstream media has an agenda, pushes it on the hour every hour and selectively controls what it wants you to see.  It's all very sinister.

Take the ongoing Islamist protests against France, whose head of state has taken the unusual step in this crazed world of wokeness to actually speak up in favour of freedom of speech.  In reporting the protests the BBC has covered Muslim fury from Pakistan to Palestine, but curiously failed to mention that there was also a demonstration much closer to home - outside the French embassy in London.  Bearing in mind that just 24 hours earlier three people were butchered inside a French church, this was clearly a provocative and shameful course of action by British Muslims.  But in the BBC News coverage of the anti-France protests you will find no mention of anything happening in London, despite three arrests.

It's almost as if our broadcast media don't want us to know that we have a fifth column of hateful Islamo-fascists walking among us.