Saturday 3 October 2020


Sadiq Khan has reportedly suggested that his persistent calls for a lockdown of the capital have fallen on deaf ears because of party politics.  The Huffington Post quotes Khan as saying: "What the government needs to realise is we’re all on the same side, it’s not a Tory government versus a Labour mayor.  It’s actually all of us on the same side fighting this virus and what I’m saying to the government is: ‘Let’s work together to take preemptive action to avoid the need for a national lockdown.’ I do not want that and it’s really important we do what we can to avoid it".

Khan has been begging for stricter measures throughout the pandemic and was one of the first politicians to call for compulsory face coverings in shops, something he now wants extended to all public spaces.  He also wants the entire Greater London area locked down despite the fact there are huge disparities in the infection rate between local authorities.  More importantly, even the worst infection rates in the capital are far below those in the north of England and Wales.  Why is this little man pleading for a lockdown?  Is it a cry for attention?  Is it that all these 'insignificant' Brexit-voting parts of England and Wales (that once elected a Labour government) are getting too much attention?  Is it that his Greater Manchester counterpart Andy Burnham has been getting a lot of airtime during the pandemic and has been showing him up for the amateur politician he is?

As for Khan's claim that the Tory government is refusing to lock down the capital because it's a Labour stronghold, let's look look at who runs all the local authorities currently subject to lockdown restrictions in England...

Birmingham - Labour
Blackburn with Darwen - Labour
Blackpool - Labour
Bolton - Conservative minority (NOC)
Bradford - Labour
Bury - Labour
Calderdale - Labour
County Durham - Labour
Gateshead - Labour
Halton - Labour
Hartlepool - Independent/Conservative coalition (NOC)
Kirklees - Labour
Lancashire - Conservative
Leeds - Labour
Leicester - Labour
Liverpool - Labour
Manchester - Labour
Middlesbrough - Independent
Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Labour
North Tyneside - Labour
South Tyneside - Labour
Northumberland - Conservative minority (NOC)
Oadby - Liberal Democrat
Oldham - Labour
Pendle - Labour/Liberal Democrat coalition (NOC)
Salford - Labour
Sandwell - Labour
Solihull - Conservative
Stockport - Labour minority (NOC)
Sunderland - Labour
Warrington - Labour
Wigan - Labour
Wolverhampton - Labour

Clearly, only a narcissistic moron could possibly try and claim that the government is refusing to entertain his lockdown desires on party political grounds.  All the major cities on that list are controlled by Labour.  Take a hike you clown...