Tuesday 27 October 2020


An anti-Tory campaign group launched last month is run by former Labour advisor Adam McNicholas.  One Rule For Them deploys class war-style smears, primarily against Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings.  On Monday it released a video attacking Rishi Sunak, highlighting his wealth and banking background.  Voiced by someone with a thick northern accent it's clear that the remit for McNicholas is to claw back support for Labour among the working classes.

However, like many in his party McNicholas is far from working class himself.  He is just another member of the white collar metropolitan elite that now dominate the Labour Party.  A university graduate who has spent his entire career in PR, his most recent Labour role ended in failure.  In 2016 he was appointed campaign director for the party's attempt to win the first ever West Midlands mayoral election.  Labour lost to the Conservatives, albeit narrowly.

Adam McNicholas

Clearly McNicholas is no more working class than Rishi Sunak, despite his group's pretence about championing the workers.  As for Rishi, despite all the politics of envy being stirred up in the attack video (see below) it was the Chancellor who ensured that Brits were financially supported during the pandemic.  The UK's furlough scheme was one of the most generous in the world and Labour knows it.  Sunak's popularity, tied with the fact he is of an ethnic background that negates Labour's racially divisive politics, this video will be far from the last class war-style attack on the Chancellor...