Monday 19 October 2020


Labour's Karl Turner tends to speak before he thinks and applies the same process to social media.  The MP for Hull East tweeted the following anti-Brexit meme on Sunday, bearing in mind that his seat returned the fifth strongest Leave vote in the entire country.

Turner clearly hasn't learnt his lesson from the general election.  Going into that election he was defending a 10,396 majority in a seat that had been held by Labour since 1935.  Following the party's Brexit betrayal - which Turner enthusiastically endorsed - he lost more than eight thousand votes and almost lost the seat.  Now with a majority of just 1,239 Turner had made Hull East a Labour marginal for the first time since 1935.  And yet still he has not learnt a thing.

Remarkably Karl Turner is a frontbencher, the shadow minister for legal aid.  That such an offensive moron can make the cut exposes the lack of choice and lack of talent facing Keir Starmer.  The Labour leader is clearly determined to keep the hard left off the front benches, but with recent resignations and three and a half years of this Parliament left to run he is already facing a serious shortage of replacement options.

Ironically it is thanks in part to Starmer's own Brexit policy that he has the smallest Parliamentary Labour Party since 1935 to choose from.  It's a fair bet he will run out of moderate options long before the next election.