Thursday 22 October 2020


The Met have dropped their outlandish investigation into Brexiteer Darren Grimes.  Grimes was hauled in by police over an interview he conducted with historian David Starkey, during which Starkey made offensive remarks about 'damn blacks'.  It was initially understood that Starkey himself was not subject to the same probe - despite the fact he made the remarks - but it was revealed last week that he was also under investigation.  It's not clear if he was also questioned by police, but the Met have now confirmed that both men are in the clear.  A spokesman said: "We conducted initial inquiries to establish the full circumstances and sought early advice from the CPS.  Having had the opportunity to review this, it is no longer proportionate that this investigation continues".

What a shameful waste of police resources during a national crisis and a period in which our capital is plagued by actual physical crimes.

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