Wednesday 24 June 2020


The totalitarian left-wing bias of social media and the tech industry has reached fever pitch as the Black Lives Matter insurrection continues around the Western world.  Twitter has been one of the worst offenders and has taken to censoring the leader of the free world.  This is how the official Twitter account looks like at the moment...

It appears from the black Twitter logo, the black cover photo and the various black lives matter messages that Twitter has now become an official sponsor of the BLM Marxists.  Since June 19 the Twitter account has tweeted about little other than Black Lives Matter, including retweeting a video from another official Twitter account encouraging black people to engage in 'resistance and rebellion in a system built to destroy you'.

Telling black people that the 'system' is out to get them and they are constantly being oppressed is not going to advance black lives one bit.  Turning a whole community into victims and telling them they either have to take or be given stuff instead of earning it is a recipe for disaster.  It's also creating racial division the like of which we haven't seen for years.

If Twitter is going to continue on its current course of action - censorship of the right, while promoting the destructive agenda of the hard left - then at some point something will have to give.  Turns out that there is already an app dealing Twitter a serious blow.

The hashtags #Parler and #Twexit were trending on Twitter earlier this week as tens of thousands of users went across to a rival app called Parler.  Some maintained a Twitter account, while others abandoned it altogether.  Parler markets itself as the 'free speech network' and as such has attracted thousands of right-leaning politicians, celebrities and activists.  As of Wednesday Bin The Labour Party has also joined Parler and you can follow our account here.   We will not be ditching our Twitter account just yet, but at such a time that Twitter bans everyone on the right we can now rest assured that we have a second home to fall back on.

Thanks for your continued support - wherever that might be.