Sunday 28 June 2020


This morning the Home Secretary was once again asked about the daft letter she was sent by Naz Shah and her Labour colleagues.  Sky's Sophy Ridge asked Priti Patel if she thought they had a problem with her being a BAME Conservative, to which Priti replied: "Clearly in the case of those Labour MPs, they simply do.  Primarily because they take the stance and the position that I just don't conform to their preconceived idea or stereotypical view of what an ethnic minority woman should stand for and represent.  In my view Sophy, that in itself is racist.  It is very disappointing, I am not going to dignify that letter any further".

Labour despise the likes of Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak because they challenge the left's perceived ownership of BAME people.  They also diminish the left's characterisation of the Tories as 'white oppressors'.  It's truly dreadful stuff and something that we can clearly see happening with the Black Lives Matter movement as they seek to pit black against white.

Echoing Priti Patel's defiance against the Labour bullies was Tory backbencher Darren Henry.  The Broxtowe newcomer used his maiden speech on Friday to declare that Labour do not own him.  The Windrush descendent said: "The members opposite claim Windrush as their own, as if it is obvious that immigrants are somehow obliged - morally and practically - to be Labour supporters.  Well my family was not and I am not".

Watch his full speech below.

In the general election Henry transformed Anna Soubry's 863 Tory majority into a 5,331 Tory majority.  Soubry stood as a Change candidate and finished a distant third.

Broxtowe general election 2019

Darren Henry (Con) 26,602 (48.1%) +1.3%
Greg Marshall (Lab) 21,271 (38.5%) -6.8%
Anna Soubry (Change) 4,668 (8.5%) New
Kat Boettge (Green) 1,806 (3.3%) +2.0%
Amy Dalla Mura (Eng Dem) 432 (0.8%) New
Teck Khong (Ind) 321 (0.6%) New
David Bishop (Elvis) 172 (0.3%) New