Sunday 14 June 2020


Last weekend's violence left more than 60 Metropolitan Police officers injured.  We still have the mayhem of Sunday to come, but on Saturday there were just six Met officers with 'minor injuries'.  It may have helped that the officers were in full riot gear or it could be that things just weren't as violent as the mainstream media suggests.  The hypocrisy and double standards shown by the news media was perhaps matched only by those many Labour MPs who feverishly launched into condemnation, but said precisely nothing about last weekend's violence.  From Keir Starmer down they piled in via their Twitter accounts to denounce the hooligans attacking police in Parliament Square.  There would be absolutely nothing wrong with this if there was equivocal condemnation of BLM violence, but Labour maintain a deafening silence when BLM protests turn nasty.

The following tweets provide a snapshot of how the Labour Party is ingratiated with the violent thugs of one side, while condemning the other.  We begin with Keir Starmer's sweeping statement about "any violence", but let's be clear - he released no such statement last week when it was BLM supporters who were assaulting our police officers.