Monday 22 June 2020


Labour MPs who had previously attended Black Lives Matter demos stayed away over the weekend, as did many demonstrators.  Numbers were significantly down in London, despite the likes of Sky News laughably trying to inform viewers that 'tens of thousands' had flooded into Trafalgar Square - as an aerial shot flashed across the screen that showed a tiny crowd of no more than 300 people.  One Labour MP who continued to ignore warnings that the protests were illegal was the member for Coventry South.  Zarah Sultana took part in three events over the weekend and addressed a rally in Coventry city centre on Saturday.  On Friday night she hosted an 'online rally' with her Coventry colleague Taiwo Owatemi, in which Diane Abbott also took part.  On Sunday she took part in an online fundraiser for the movement, an event that was officially endorsed by the party and appeared on the national website.

Sultana has voiced strong support for BLM throughout the insurrection, including an astonishing tweet on June 6 in which she shared legal advice for protesters arrested or stopped by police.  Such anti-police sentiment from a serving MP is abhorrent, especially considering how she will pass police officers on her way into work who are there to keep the likes of her safe.  Sultana has also backed the toppling of statues and has called for the "brutality of British colonialism to be taught in schools".  The people of Coventry South must be wondering who on earth they've elected.

Zarah Sultana addresses a BLM rally in Coventry on Saturday

It should come as no surprise to see a hard left MP like Sultana so enthusiastically embracing BLM.  Where there is a cause that is hostile to Britain you will find the likes of Corbyn and co getting behind it.  The motivation behind BLM is no longer in question for anyone who cares to undertake the simplest research.  It is a Marxist cause dedicated to abolishing the police and dismantling capitalism.  Ironically it has little to do with black lives.  Therefore the sight of Labour's supposedly moderate leaders taking the knee is ultimately going to backfire in the long term.

Sultana and Labour colleagues Charlotte Nichols, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Olivia Blake,
Sam Tarry and Claudia Webbe at a BLM demo on June 3