Tuesday 16 June 2020


Lord Sugar has called for the police to get tough on the thugs desecrating our landmarks and attacking the police.  Speaking to TalkRadio's Dan Wootton, Lord Sugar suggested those guilty of the violence should be 'rounded up' and put 'in the cells overnight'.  If only there were more public figures like him bold enough to detract from the mainstream media narrative that BLM equals 'peaceful protest'.

The softly softly approach of the police - and the government - to BLM protests has only emboldened the mob and increased public anger that counter-protesters are treated differently and more harshly.

The drunken idiot who urinated next to the memorial to Westminster Bridge hero PC Keith Palmer received a two week prison sentence on Monday.  It was reported by Sky News that the magistrate handed down the custodial sentence due to 'public shock and upset', but in a democracy this is an outrage by itself.  Yes, his actions were indefensible, but you can't sentence someone based on what the public think about it.  The public have also been outraged about the desecration of the Cenotaph and various other statues and war memorials around the country, but strangely we don't see any news about those people being prosecuted and sent to prison.

Is our judicial system now only going to prosecute people who get shamed on Sky News and the BBC, while allowing physical violence and pre-meditated vandalism to go unpunished?