Thursday 11 June 2020


Douglas Murray spoke to TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer earlier this week about the left-wing insurrection taking place on our streets.  Murray takes aim at the sinister 'silence is violence' hypocrisy of the demonstrators who seem to turn a blind eye to actual acts of violence (for instance no-one mentions the fact 21 people have been killed in the US rioting).  He also expresses his dismay at the behaviour of the Colston topplers who he describes as a 'deranged mob' and goes on to make this crucial point: "The great irony is that [the protesters] do so in the countries that are most free and most desirable to live in because they are the most tolerant".  Try running around as you are now in another country like, say China or Iran, and see how many of you make it out alive and how much sympathy you will get from the media there.

Listen below (12min).

Click here for Murray's fascinating interview from last week in which he discusses the violence occurring on American streets.