Tuesday 9 June 2020


Some Labour MPs have been unable to contain their hatred of Britain and its history in recent days.  The Black Lives Matter bandwagon appears to have sparked a firestorm of hatred towards British culture and history where no-one is immune, from Winston Churchill to Her Majesty the Queen.  That's right folks, the thugs even turned up outside Buckingham Palace on Sunday chanting, strangely, "Boris is a wanker".

One of the hard left Labour MPs chomping at the bit to lecture us about racist Britain was Zarah Sultana.  On Sunday afternoon she criticised police tactics during the previous night's violence, but naturally failed to mention the 14 injured police officers or any of the missiles that had rained down on them.  That tweet followed on from one the previous day in which she shared legal advice to anyone who might be arrested over the course of the protests.  It's quite astonishing that a serving MP would do such a thing, but then we are talking about one of Corbyn's 2019 intake of loony lefty backbenchers.

On Monday Sultana was clearly anxious to get a question in during the Home Secretary's stint at the despatch box.  Excitedly rolling off her question she demanded a 'yes or no' answer from Priti Patel on the subject of slavers' statues.  What she got was, er, rinsed.  Patel was on top form as she pointed out that it was Labour councils who were responsible for many of the statues Sultana was ranting about.  Sultana's face was a picture, watch below.

Priti was steadfast in her message to the criminals who rioted over the weekend and refused to back down over earlier comments she made about the felling of the Colston statue in Bristol.  Another of the 2019 Labour intake also attempted to take her on and like Sultana was taught a Parliamentary lesson.  Florence Eshalomi asked if the Home Secretary understood the anger felt by the protesters about the 'structural inequality, discrimination and racism' in Britain.  This was the epic response she got...

This response was met with angry tweets from some Labour MPs, including none other than Sultana herself who tweeted: "I'm disgusted to hear the Home Secretary use her own experience of racism to silence criticism of the government".  Expressing similar disgust was Sultana's hard left colleague Nadia Whittome who accused Patel of using her "identity as an Asian person to silence a black person".  And yet Eshalomi was using her own ethnic identity and examples of racism just moments earlier in the very question she put to Priti Patel.  It's almost as if there's one rule for BAME Labour MPs and another rule for BAME Tories.

One of the reasons the left absolutely abhor Priti Patel and want her gone more than any other member of the cabinet is because of the colour of her skin.  The left have long assumed that ethnic minorities 'belong' to them.  It's the key reason the left is so invested in the BLM movement in the first place.  Minorities - in this case black youths - are a tool with which to attack the state.  If that state can be presented as a hideously white structure devoid of BAME representation all the better to drive home that division.  However, what we have now in government is the most diverse cabinet in British history and Labour hate it.  At the forefront is a strong Asian woman and not only that, but a prominent figure in the Leave campaign too, adding to the bitterness on the opposition benches.

Long live Priti Patel.