Monday 8 June 2020


Nigel Farage used his LBC Radio platform on Sunday to deliver a forthright assessment of the Black Lives Matter movement.  As we have said all week, it is a vehicle for the hard left to bring down Western democracy.  They cannot win at the ballot box, so they resort to plan b - violence.  It's probably no coincidence that all this started so soon after it became apparent that the hard left Bernie Sanders was not going to win the nomination to face President Trump in November's election.  There are even videos circulating that show activists threatening violence if Sanders didn't win.

The Robert Peel statue in Glasgow on Sunday, defaced with communist graffiti

Now that the violence is here, it's no great surprise to see Downing Street targeted during every protest and chants of 'Tories out' and 'Boris out'.  The fact that this government has a huge democratic mandate is irrelevant to these Marxist thugs.  They will continue to rampage as long as our police allow them and make no mistake - they may have toppled a slave trader on Sunday, but from here on no historical figure will be safe from their hate campaign.  To destroy Western society they will seek first to destroy our history.

As Farage points out, they are not alone in this task.  The mainstream media has empowered them and continues to goad them with daily stories of how black people are so cruelly oppressed in Great Britain - one of the most liberal and racially tolerant countries on earth.  It's depraved what the likes of the BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4 have done leading into this weekend of violence.  They have actually done more to whip up the mob than all the cheerleaders of Black Lives Matter combined, but as Douglas Murray said recently it's a dangerous game they play.  If you encourage the mob, you may not escape the mob.

Of course there are the politicians as well, but more on that tomorrow.  Quite frankly, there have been so many disgraceful examples of Labour MPs egging on the protesters now that it's difficult to know where to begin with that.  What we can confirm right now is that Labour leader Keir Starmer has said nothing about the violence and the longer he says nothing the more damage it will do to his new-found 'credibility'.

Meanwhile, watch below for Nigel's excellent monologue in full (please note this was made prior to Sunday's violence).