Sunday 28 June 2020


The leader of the Labour opposition group on Bromley Borough Council has been caught telling fibs about a Black Lives Matter demo she attended in London earlier this month.  On Friday morning she tweeted that she and her colleague attended a BLM protest in Crystal Palace where they both wore face coverings and observed social distancing.

However, in her colleague's write-up of their attendance there's a photo of the two councillors and Cllr Wilkins can clearly be seen standing on the right - and no face covering in sight (see below screenshot from Cllr Jeal's report).

Ironically, Cllr Jeal writes in his article how the BAME community "are at particular risk" from Covid-19.  What a way to encourage the spread of Covid-19 among that community than by encouraging thousands of BAME people to gather on the streets?

Thanks to Will Rowland for bringing Cllr Wilkins' discrepancy to our attention.