Wednesday 3 June 2020


The vile hate-filled generation of leftists that are flourishing in 21st century Britain don't just shame their movement, they shame humanity.  Ingrained in them is a hatred of their country so deep that not even a national emergency could bring them round.  As we move out of lockdown and hope that the worst of the virus is behind us, it will soon be time to pause and reflect on what just happened.  We're not there yet.  The following video is from a self-styled 'comedian', albeit this monologue is very serious.  This old socialist hails from Redcar in the north-east of England and his name is Chris McGlade.  He has some strong views, some of which you may find unpleasant, but he also speaks bundles of sense.

Please note, by sharing this video we are not endorsing Chris McGlade.  However, it is very refreshing to hear some common sense being spoken from the left, as opposed to the screaming baying foul-mouthed mob who are currently roaming the streets on both sides of the Atlantic.