Sunday 14 June 2020


It emerged on Saturday that Google has airbrushed the face of Winston Churchill from its Wikipedia searches.  If you search Google for 'British Prime Ministers' you get a list of Prime Ministers dating back to the 1920s, each of which features a photo - all except Churchill who is blanked out.  His photo has also been removed from the Wikipedia window on Google.  Search for any other Prime Minister on Google and their picture will appear in the Wikipedia window.  Churchill's doesn't.

Things take an even worse turn if you search for 'World War II commanders'.  Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Hirohito are all there, but once again Churchill is blanked out.  So are Google now suggesting that the man who helped defeat Nazism is worse than his enemy?

It's one thing for a mob with virtually no public support to deface monuments, but when they are backed up by a worldwide tech giant this is a very sinister development indeed.  The mob has already been empowered by the mainstream media.  They've also been empowered by lame policing, politicians turning a blind eye, commercial support and now this.  How long before we see books being burned and buildings on fire?  Crucially, who on earth is going to stop them?

UPDATE 11:00

Google have responded to concerns about their despicable revisionism by claiming that Churchill is missing because of an 'update'.  In a lengthy thread posted on Twitter just after 09:00 on Sunday, they apologised and said that the image would be restored.

There's a strong smell of bullshit here.  'Briefly'?  As of 11:00 on Sunday the image has not been restored, despite having been down for at least twelve hours.  There is also the question of timing.  It just happens to occur at a time when the hard left are demanding that statues and murals depicting Churchill be removed from public view.  It's no coincidence.

UPDATE 11:12

He's back!

A lot of people have suggested using alternative browsers to hit back at Google.  DuckDuckGo appears to be one of the most popular suggestions.  DuckDuckGo promotes privacy protection and says it won't store your personal information.  It's also ad free.  Try it here.