Saturday 13 June 2020


It didn't take long for violence to erupt this afternoon as people descended on Whitehall to make their feelings known about the wave of left-wing attacks on British landmarks.  While military veterans conducted themselves with decorum around the Cenotaph, a group of what can only be described as hooligans attacked the police in Parliament Square.  The thugs appeared intent on attacking police from the off and launched almost straight into them in disgraceful scenes reminiscent of the BLM violence itself.  The key difference here was that today the police were not running away.  There were hundreds of them and they were tooled up to the hilt with riot equipment, horses and barriers.  This has left many asking why riot police weren't deployed last weekend when the BLM mob was running riot?

Elsewhere across the country the Black Lives Matter protests continued, but military veterans and concerned citizens were also out in force to protect landmarks from attack.  From Belfast to Brighton and Taunton to Glasgow, our war memorials were defended from the BLM mob.  There were also reportedly violent clashes in Bolton and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


The bulk of the landmark defenders have now departed Whitehall, but BLM-aligned thugs are waiting to pick off stragglers and there were a number of violent incidents in London where BLM supporters cornered and attacked isolated counter-protesters.  The following video was uploaded to Twitter and appears to show such an ambush taking place in Trafalgar Square.

There are more protests planned tomorrow and it appears as if Glasgow could be a major flashpoint with BLM protesters aiming to topple the statue of Robert Peel in George Square.  What a year 2020 is proving to be - and it's only June.