Friday 18 October 2019


Facebook has taken a brand new step in censoring our page today.  Just before noon the Dublin mafia decided to censor our posts for ONE WEEK!  We can still use the page, but none of our posts will appear in anyone's news feed - rendering it useless.  This is the message we currently see at the top of our page.

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This is a damaging blow to our campaign as it comes on the eve of potentially one of the most crucial political moments in our history.  As always, we've reverted to the backup page, but unfortunately we can only reach a tiny fraction of the 90,000 people who follow the main page.  If you are a Facebook follower please be sure to follow us here or click on the image below.

We've lodged an appeal against the decision, but won't hold our breath.  They never responded to our last two appeals.

So why have they taken this latest course of action?  As per usual they have not told us which policy or policies have been violated nor which post or posts are 'guilty'.  However, if we look at what was posted this morning it becomes clearer.  Last Saturday Facebook removed a link we posted, a fairly innocuous story from the Daily Mail about Jess Phillips.  Facebook identified this link as 'spam'.  This morning we shared another story from the Daily Mail, a very relevant story about Jeremy Corbyn having rejected the revised Brexit deal before he had even read it.  Three hours later we were silenced.  It's surely no coincidence.  We strongly suspect that had these links been from a left-wing site such as the Guardian there would not be an issue.

There is no doubt that we have been increasingly targeted by Facebook over the last twelve months.  See below for a catalogue of incidents during this period.

October 2019 - Daily Mail article removed
October 2018 - grooming gangs post taken down

We will be taking some measures over the weekend to try and make the best of a bad situation, but by and large we're going to take a big hit over the next week.  If you appreciate what we've done so far and really want to help, please consider a small donation.  We can't do this without you.