Tuesday 22 October 2019


When Anna Soubry spoke during Tuesday's debate she made clear her opposition to a general election.  It's no wonder considering she is history no matter what daft party name she dreams up.  A seemingly worse for wear John Mann was on hand to remind her of this precise scenario - "It'll get rid of you" he quips several times while laughing wildly.  He's partially obscured during the clip, but certainly appears to be off his tits...

Even Dave Lammy appears to find Soubry an amusement, but then he knows he will still be around in the next Parliament.  Soubry's Broxtowe constituency returned a 53% Leave vote and she has next to zero chance of being re-elected if she chooses to stand under her Independent Group For Change Remain Alliance Change UK Independent Group banner.

Broxtowe general election 2017

Anna Soubry (Con) 25,983 (46.8%) +1.6%
Greg Marshall (Lab) 25,120 (45.3%) +8.1%
Tim Hallam (Lib Dem) 2,247 (4.0%) +0.1%
Fran Loi (UKIP) 1,477 (2.7%) -8.0%
Pat Morton (Green) 681 (1.2%) -1.7%

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