Tuesday 29 October 2019


December could see the back of Corbyn, complacency could be fatal

Jeremy Corbyn has this morning relented to a general election demand at the fourth time of asking.  Perhaps the penny finally dropped that Labour's reluctance to face the electorate is not going down well with voters.  MPs will debate the timing of the election later today and they are literally going to haggle over whether it takes place on the 11th or the 12th of December.  Elections traditionally take place on a Thursday in this country, but the Lib Dems and SNP are demanding that it takes place on a Monday, while the government is reportedly willing to compromise on a Wednesday.  Nuts.

Lots of people are excitedly gloating about the prospect of Corbyn's party being slaughtered.  This is  dangerous, arrogant and extremely naive.  The Tories were all set to demolish Labour in 2017 and increase their majority.  In the end the Tories lost their majority.  Short memories folks.  There is only one way to ensure Labour gets a hammering in December and that is through a Leave Alliance.  Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage hold the key to the future of this nation in their hands.  They can either embrace the opportunity and consign comrade Corbyn and his abhorrent ideology to the political dustbin, or risk the nightmare of a far left Labour government backed up by the SNP.

Make no mistake, this forthcoming election is not a foregone conclusion.