Tuesday 1 October 2019


Following the recent 'blackface' controversy surrounding Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Tory MP Desmond Swayne referred to the practice as an "entirely acceptable bit of fun".  After a photo emerged of the MP impersonating singer James Brown there was a strange deafening silence from Labour politicians.  All but one.  It was an instant trigger for Tottenham's finest, but he was very quickly reminded why his colleagues were so quiet...

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When anti-racism campaigner (yes, the irony) Ian Lavery posed with his son in 2014 (blacked up as Michael Jackson from the Thriller video), there was no apology.  Lavery, the Labour MP for Wansbeck and Corbyn loyalist, is now the chairman of the Labour Party.  So Dave, deploying your own argument, shouldn't Labour also remove the whip?