Saturday 26 October 2019


Bassetlaw MP John Mann has announced he is leaving the House of Commons on Monday to take up his government role as their 'anti-Semitism tsar'.  It's not clear if this means he is standing down as an MP altogether, if so one of his final acts will be to vote in favour of a general election, defying the Labour whips one last time.  Hopefully he will be staying on for a wee bit longer, if only for Brexit debates where pro-Leave votes are hard to come by on the opposition benches.

When Mann takes up his new post he will probably appreciate the irony of being called a 'tsar', seeing as the original tsars were so vehemently opposed by the communists (hopefully he doesn't meet the same end as said tsars).  Having endured years of abuse from Corbyn supporters, he appears to be plotting as much damage as possible when he stands down.  In the last two days he has tweeted several times about exposing cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault he claims have been covered up by the party.

If Mann has been aware of these cases over time then it does suggest that he too has been 'sitting on' the allegations, so he may not have the moral high ground here.  However, his decision to use this information to hurt the leadership is no great surprise, having been bombarded with abuse for the last three years from those who swear undying loyalty to the Great Leader.  Actions have consequences and former Labour MPs have been increasingly dishing out vengeance over the last year.

Ian Austin, Chris Leslie, Ivan Lewis and John Woodcock have become even more fierce in their condemnation of Corbyn since they left the party.  The recent speeches from Austin and Lewis were a joy to behold.  Woodcock, an otherwise hardcore Remainer, astonishingly voted with the government on several crucial Brexit votes last week.  His love for membership of the EU is clearly now outweighed by his hatred of Corbyn.  Luciana Berger will undoubtedly get her revenge by wrecking Labour's hopes to retake the Tory marginal of Finchley at the next election, while even Kate Hoey (still under the Labour whip) has not ruled out joining the Brexit Party and perhaps making a high profile stand against a big name Labour Remainer.  Diane Abbott's bizarre assertion yesterday that Hoey is "no longer a Labour MP" will undoubtedly have given Hoey that little bit of extra motivation to do so.  Kate Hoey versus Yvette Cooper (with Tory candidate stood down) - now that would be a very interesting contest!