Monday 28 October 2019


Last week's enforced retreat to the backup page on Facebook was a blessing in disguise.  We have had to re-evaluate how best to proceed in the light of what we now feel is the inevitable demise of our Facebook presence.  In many ways we have been preparing for this moment by expanding our online presence and once again urge our Facebook followers to engage with our campaign on as many of the following outlets as possible.  As a consequence of the threat of Facebook censorship we intend to concentrate more on building this site and YouTube going forward.  We would also urgently request that some of you chip in a couple of quid (or whatever you can afford) to help keep us going in 2020.  Richey's computer is ancient, we need better editing software and at the moment there is not even enough money coming in to pay for our domain fee.  PayPal users can donate here, everyone else can donate via the button on the right hand side of this page.  Thank you.


449,477 total page views (+4,580)


90,418 likes (+102)
95,468 follows (+122)

10 number of posts

236,203 post reach (-722,127)
61,557 post engagement (-235,335)

Facebook (backup page)

4,427 likes (+1,016)
4,676 follows (+1,057)

13 number of posts
8,213 most shared post (+2,911)


532 followers (+7)


140 subscribers (+4)

Figures correct at time of publishing.