Wednesday 16 October 2019


Bethan Roper

A report into the death of a young socialist has blamed inadequate health and safety for her unfortunate demise.  Bethan Roper, 28, from Penarth near Cardiff was killed on a moving train near Bath last December.  She had stuck her head out of the window of the train and was struck by an overhanging branch leaving her with fatal head injuries.  The train was moving approximately 75 miles per hour at the time and she was pronounced dead when the train arrived in Bristol.

The report, carried out by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch, found that trees along the route had not been inspected since 2009 and a warning sign did "adequately convey the level of risk".

The sign that supposedly did not effectively convey the risk

While the loss of life is regrettable, it's a sad indictment of our pampered risk-managed society that health and safety should be blamed for someone's own idiocy.

Miss Roper was a member of the Socialist Party and worked for the Welsh Refugee Council.