Monday 14 October 2019


Our Facebook 'friends' in Dublin threw another censorship curve ball our way on Saturday night.  While the moderators have chastised us for memes on numerous occasions, for the first time ever they took down a link we shared.  You'd be forgiven for thinking it must have been something very dodgy indeed.  In actual fact it was merely a Daily Mail article regarding Jess Phillips potentially running for the Labour leadership.  Fairly innocuous, but it was bizarrely identified as 'spam'.  See below for the messages that greeted us on Saturday night (click to enlarge).

Firstly, there was nothing "misleading" or "inaccurate" about the post.  In fact there was no accompanying message and it was entirely up to the user what they did with it.  We are not the Daily Mail nor do we have anything to gain financially from people visiting their site.  We know that tech companies do not like the Daily Mail because it is not reporting from a left-wing perspective.  Try getting a Daily Mail article to pop up when you search for news items in Google, it won't happen unless you specifically type in 'Daily Mail'.  You'll get the Guardian though no problem.

On average we post 3-4 times a day on Facebook, we don't bombard people and we are clearly not spammers.  We requested a review of this case, but two days on nothing has come back and the post remains deleted.  Of course this all follows a pattern of Facebook censorship and bias (see below).

It has also come to our attention that their algorithm has taken a dim view to our own website.  For example if we share a BBC link it reaches thousands of people.  If we share a link to our own site it generally reaches dozens.  The only surefire way to keep in touch is to visit the site directly on a regular basis.  Don't rely on Facebook to keep you posted.