Tuesday 8 October 2019


"I would never ever vote Labour with Jeremy Corbyn in charge for a whole bunch of reasons, mainly his opposition to everything that Britain stands for and his friendship with almost everybody who hates Britain".
(Rod Liddle)

Nigel Farage is very busy on social media at the moment and has introduced another regular video feature - 'Stepping Up With Nigel Farage'.  This follows his 'Talk of the Week' feature that he debuted recently.  In the first edition of Stepping Up the Farage speaks to the Spectator's Rod Liddle.  The 40 minute chat is a very enlightening exploration of Liddle's political journey.  This is a journey that has led him from the far left of the Socialist Workers Party, through membership of the Labour Party and working for the BBC, to the Spectator, voting Conservative and becoming a vociferous opponent of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and Islamism.  This is a very interesting discussion, not least the middle bit where they talk about the 2017 general election, Corbyn, the proposed 'caretaker government' and Brexit.  Watch the full interview below, including Liddle's pop at Jess Phillips near the end.