Tuesday 22 October 2019


Piers Morgan revived his Twitter spat with Dave Lammy earlier this evening after he appeared to suggest the daft remoaner may have been napping in the Commons.  It's only three weeks since their last clash.

Lammy fired back saying that the video had been cropped and he was actually using his mobile phone at the time (fair point).  Morgan wasn't going to leave it there and it rumbled on...

One MP who was definitely nodding off today was Labour frontbencher Barry Gardiner.  One Twitter user said they were quite impressed he could manage it without his Harrods sheets, a reference to Gardiner's involvement in the expenses scandal.

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan followed his Lammy exchange by taking on two more famous remoaners, namely Alastair Campbell and the odious Gary Lineker, although sadly this revolved around who had the most Twitter followers.  Sad.